Neil Torres Neil Torres
I look
like this.
Well, hello there my
lovely visitor.

Neil Torres is a young creative working in a versatile field of clients and projects.

Designing and creating are my favorite things to do. I have an affinity for design, art, technology, music, fashion, and people.

I started embracing the exciting path of the unknown, a.k.a. freelancing, full-time in 2013 and never felt more creative and inspired to do stuff I love.

I'm constantly thinking and creating for myself, whether it's a side project or another initiated project. I've also been oversharing my knowledge (with feelings) through various talks and lectures.

I always look forward for new opportunities. If you think I'm fit for your next project, call me. *

Perseus W. Torres
I really
love cats.
This is dedicated to my cat.
Southeast Asia

Before contacting me, you may find answers below.

What I
love to do

UI/UX Design
Logo and Identity
Promotional Materials (for events, campaigns, causes, etc.)
Hand Lettering
Editorial Design
Motion Graphics

Common Questions

What's your availability like?

I'm always excited to hear new projects. However, I only take few projects at a time so I can focus on each. Contact me so I can schedule it.

Where do you work?

Anywhere! But I prefer to work at my own space in Baguio or Makati. I sometimes work at client's workplace if I feel the need to.

What are your rates?

Each project is unique. My rate varies on your requirements and timeline. It'll be cool if you give me more details about your project so I can provide a quote.

Do you do it all?

Yes, I do all design and development (for web) for most of my projects but if your project requires copy, and beautiful videography and photography, we might need to hire additional folks.

What type of potential projects do you NOT accept?

Bad products, rushed jobs, little-to-no budget projects, spec work, and when I don't like the client.

Do you make proposals?

Yes, I do paid proposals.

Did not find what you're looking for? Feel free to reach me at

Special thanks to Henri Lomeus Ching, Annaiza Ramirez, and Joe Olimpo.